Keep Learning

Monday marks the day of doing things differently for all schools across Oklahoma.  It marks the day when schools turn to a Continuous Learning Plan that will provide learning opportunities to students who are sheltering at home amid the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.  

While this is completely new to most of our educators and our students, we at Elmore City-Pernell Schools are confident that we will all be successful in our endeavors as we work together to make the most of a difficult situation.  

ECP will provide learning opportunities for our students through our website and the teacher pages.  Students will be able to watch videos, journal, do science experiments, and tackle real-world math situations with the help and guidance provided by their teacher in a virtual fashion.  Those students without internet access can have a calendar of opportunities and projects mailed to their homes each week as well so they too can participate in our continuous learning plan.

Teachers will each hold office hours on a daily basis to be able to check-in with students, offer help, and answer any questions.  Teachers will have all of the learning opportunities and their office hours listed in their teacher pages here on the website.  

Our teachers have worked hard over the last couple of weeks and have stepped way out of their comfort zone in preparing the best possible learning plans for our students.  It is not going to be perfect and it will continue to evolve.  If parents have questions, please feel free to reach out to your child's teacher or the administrator so that we can resolve any issue there may be.

We want to say thank you to the parents who are in this with us!  We are here to support you and your student.  We will all get through this and we will be better because of it.  Just remember to breathe and enjoy the ride!


ECP Administration