Lunch Bag

With the gracious support of our Child Nutrition team, beginning March 23rd, all children aged 1-18 are welcome to pick up a sack breakfast and sack lunch from the cafeteria.  Meals will be served between 10:00am and 11:00am.  Students can take both meals at the same time.  Meals will be served Monday through Friday from the EAST side of the cafeteria, where the busses line up. 

A table will be set up outside of the cafeteria loading area.  Parents are encouraged to drive-thru for pick up.  Students who will walk to get meals need to be sure to wash their hands prior to picking up the meals and before eating them.  Children must be in the car for a meal to be handed out.

No one will be allowed to congregate in the cafeteria to eat.

It is our hope to soon have pick up locations for those who do not have the ability to come to the school to pick up a meal.  We are still working out the logistics of such a plan.

Thank you to the Child Nutrition team for making all of this possible!

Mary Wiley, Phyllis Cook, Brenda Tillery, Fay Conner, and Terra Martinez, the entire ECP family thanks you for you willingness to take care of our kids during difficult times such as these!  THANK YOU!!