Good News

On February 21, 2020 the 2019 Bonds were sold for 1.85%, a great percentage rate for the district and tax payers.  Those bond funds were deposited into an account at BancFirst, which will be the Trust Management Company responsible for issuance of payments for services provided to the District for construction projects.  Each month the Superintendent will make a report to the Board about any payments requested and issued.  The Construction Management Team, MacHill Construction will also report to the board about the progress of the construction project.  

Additionally, the Fire Marshal Permits were hand delivered by Mobile Modular on Friday, February 28th along with a check for permits.  Currently we are awaiting word from the Fire Marshal about permits and from US Alert Security about installation of the fire alarms.  Hopefully it will all be resolved before or just after Spring Break so our students and staff can get moved in and demolition can begin.

Great things are happening at ECP!