Good News!

Good news! OG&E showed up today to connect power to the power box!  We also met with US Alert Security yesterday to get the fire alarms and fire monitoring station set up for the portables.  They will also work with the State Fire Marshal's office to ensure all of their permits are submitted.  

Unfortunately there are rumors going around that the buildings have to be moved.  The District was simply asked to stop working on the buildings in order to file permits with the State Fire Marshal's office to have everything in place prior to moving students and faculty into the building.  The portable company is working with the Fire Marshal’s office to get permits in place.  No one in connection with the District has been told that the buildings have to be moved and we do not foresee that to be the case, as the Fire Marshal said they would work with the district on getting things in place for an easy transition.  

Finally, the construction management team, MacHill Construction, was here earlier this week to look at the site to begin work on taking bids for demolition.  It may appear things are moving slowly, but a project of this size has lots of moving parts and state requirements often take more time than desired to ensure student safety.  Progress is being made and the future is bright for ECP Schools!  Thank you to everyone for their support and understanding as we all work together for our students!