Student safety and well-being is our top priority at Elmore City-Pernell. As you may have heard there was an incident at our school. Once we found out about it we immediately reported the matter to the Elmore City Police Department and are cooperating with their investigation.  We have also conducted our own investigation into the matter and the support employee has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigations. Because this is a personnel issue, we are unable to comment further at this time. We wanted to share the Oklahoma Statutes that we are following to insure this matter is handled correctly.

Oklahoma Statutes Citationized

Title 70. Schools
    Chapter 1 - School Code of 1971

      Support Personnel - Disciplinary Proceedings


Article Article VI - Teachers


Section 6-101.46 - Procedure for Disciplinary Action
Cite as: 70 O.S. § 6-101.46 (OSCN 2020), Support Personnel - Disciplinary Proceedings

A. After any suspension or prior to any demotion, termination or nonreemployment, a support employee shall receive notice of the right to a hearing. The hearing shall be conducted by the local board of education. All notices shall be by certified mail, with the postmark used to determine the timeliness of the notice. Failure of the employee to request a hearing within ten (10) working days of such notice shall be considered a waiver of the employee's right to a hearing.
B. Nonreemployment shall mean nonrenewal of a support employee's contract upon expiration of the contract.
C. If an employee is to be suspended for a period to exceed ten (10) days, the superintendent of the district shall initiate proceedings for termination and shall follow the procedures set forth in subsection A of this section. However, in a case involving a criminal charge or indictment, the suspension may be delayed until the employee's case is adjudicated at the trial. Nothing in this act shall prevent the school board from proceeding against the employee during or after the suspension for termination as provided in this act.