Energy Star

During last night’s Bond Information Meeting with the architects from BWA, the question was raised about energy efficiency among the buildings.  The architects responded with saying that buildings as old as the high school (63 years old) are far less energy efficient than new construction because of newer energy efficiency codes and requirements compared to older buildings.  

We were asked to do some investigating to see what the differences are among the three buildings in terms of energy costs.  The average breakdown among the schools since the MS opened in 16-17 is below:

OG&E    HS  $52,627.75

               MS $6,284.32

               ES  $20,250.84

Total              $79,162.91

ONG       HS $5,304.99

               MS $2,069.03

               ES $5,304.99

Total             $12,679.01

This information is just for the HS, MS, and ES, and does NOT include the Gym, Ag. Buildings, Football Stadium and its buildings, or lights at the Baseball and Softball fields.  

We have one more meeting tonight with the Construction Management Team from MacHill Construction at 6:30 pm.  Please come and ask questions so you can get answers from the experts.