It Never Happened...

Over the Labor Day weekend, an area resident, posted a social media statement saying, “I also have been told that ECP missed a payment on the MS bond incurring a late fee of $25,000…”  No supporting documentation was provided nor was a source named for having said such a statement. In the days since, careful research by current administrators, current and past board members, and the current treasurer and former treasurer confirms a different reality.  The alleged “missed bond payment” never happened. Please click on the link to see a letter from the district’s current treasurer, Darrel Johnston, CPA with Angel, Johnston & Blasingame.

As the bond election nears, we will continue to be transparent about the bond and the projects being proposed.  We will also be diligent in fighting false and outlandish claims coming from those who oppose any improvements for our district and our community.


Jennifer Cruz, Superintendent