National School Lunch Program

Did you know that the federal Free & Reduced School Meal Application is not only about eating in the cafeteria?    In addition to providing an opportunity for some of our students to eat a nutritious meal for no-cost or at a significantly-reduced cost, it also generates additional money for our school.   For example, the amount of money we receive from the federal government in our Title programs is based directly on the percentage of students enrolled in the Free & Reduced program, regardless of whether they ever eat a meal in the cafeteria.   Our reimbursement from the federal government for our cost of providing Internet and Phone service is also directly tied to that same percentage.  Our ability to apply for both State and Federal grants is tied directly to the Free & Reduced program enrollment.  

Therefore, it is very important that your family help us by filling out the Free and Reduced School Meal Application, even if you don't feel you will qualify.  All applications MUST be signed to be considered valid by the state.

As an incentive to filling out the form, even if you don't qualify, is EACH student who has a completed and signed form on file by September 20th will get a FREE Student Athletic Pass to use at any 10 athletic events held during the year!  Our goal is to have 100% participation!

Thank you for helping us meet our goal,

Jennifer Cruz