Johnson-O'Malley (JOM) is a federally-funded program which provides supplemental education programs and activities for Native American students attending public schools. The Johnson-O’Malley Act was passed in 1934 to ensure Native American children receive the educational opportunities that would not otherwise be provided. Federal JOM funding is supplemental and is not guaranteed each year.

Programs and activities the JOM program funds includes, but are not limited to, tutoring, school supplies, academic incentives and field trips. Programs must supplement not supplant the existing programs in the schools.

The JOM program is overseen by a committee elected from the parents of Native American students enrolled in the school district. 


  • Chickasaw or other Native American citizens

  • Must attend a public school within the Chickasaw Nation boundaries

  • Must provide a copy of the tribal membership card 

For more information, contact Sheila Riddle, Federal Programs Director, at (580) 788-2869 or email

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