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EC Badger Band Established: 1938

The first Elmore City Badger Pride band was first established in 1938. (See photo page in this section.) The band director was Mr. Allen W. Hubbard (b.1911 - d.1980). Mr. Hubbard, who was from western Oklahoma, married Juanita McConnell of Maysville in 1936.  Juanita was a nationally recognized musician who later hosted piano seminars at Princeton University.  By the early -1940s, the Hubbards had moved to Altus, Oklahoma, where they opened a music store.  

1938-39 Band Members:

Billy Paul, Betty Jo Smith, Geneva Thomas, Ametha Kennedy, Yvonne Drennan, Edna Maye Johnson, Wilda Ruth Parks, Marguerite Brewer, Ruth Welch, Jethro Heath, Edward Terrell, Betty Jo Richardson, Edison Grimes, Jim Dickerson, Helen Hinkle, Edward Green, Onial Thomas, Billie B. Birch, Henry Roberta, Herman Cottrell, Nathan Heath, Christine Paul,Pauline Brewer, Oscar Skelton, Morris Henderson, Pauline McKey, Junior McKey, Joe Lindsey, Bonnie Pyle, Herbert Nation, Clyde Johnson, Kenneth Greaves, Frank Neal, Junior Reeves, M.B. Smith, Ima Ruth Drennan, Cletus Terrell, Ruth Blackburn