Band Handbook



Elmore City-Pernell Public School

Band Handbook


Stephen McCleskey

Band Director




Dear parents and guardians,


My name is Stephen McCleskey and I am the band director here at Elmore City-Pernell schools. I am very excited to be kicking off this new school year! This band is an organization that is going places and moving their rapidly. I know that with your help and the hard work these students we can succeed at a high level and be the best small band in the state!


In this packet you will find the following:

  • A schedule for the year
  • The Band Handbook
  • Student contract; explaining what they are signing up for
  • A form to sign concerning travel and medical
  • A summer contact sheet to be returned on or before May 11th.

My mission with this music program is to help students succeed in life and music. I help students with their homework, music, and I take time to help seniors and their parents with college applications and scholarship auditions. My greatest hope is that every student I teach becomes a life-long lover of music.



Thank you for allowing your student to be in music. It truly is the most rewarding experience a young person can have in grade school. If you need to contact me, my email and office phone number are below.


Go Badgers!

Office: 580-788-2565 ext. 116



Elmore City-Pernell Band 2017 Fall Schedule

July 10-14: Red River Camp                                   Time: TBA

July 31- Aug. 4: Full Band Camp                             Time: 8:00 am- 12:00 pm

August 7-11: Full Band Camp                                 Time: 8:00 am- 12:00 pm

TBA : Meet the Badgers                                          Time: TBA

August 22: First Evening Rehearsal                       Time: 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm

August 25: Football vs. CCS                                   Time: Meet 6:00 pm

September 1: Football @ Walters                          Time: Meet at 5:00pm

September 8: Football vs. Marietta**                     Time: Meet 6:00 pm

September 15: Football @ Wynnewood                Time: Meet at 6:00 pm

September 22: Football vs. Rush Springs Time: Meet at 6:00 pm

September 29: Football @ Ringling                       Time: Meet at 5:45 pm

September 30: Pauls Valley Contest                     Time: TBA

October 6: Football vs. Velma-Alma                       Time: Meet at 6:00 pm

October 7: Tishomingo Contest                              Time: TBA

October 14: Holdenville Contest                             Time: Leave 7:30 am          

October 10: OSSAA Regional Marching               Time: TBA

October 19: Football vs. Healdton*             Time: Meet at 5:30 pm

October 27: Football @ Thomas                             Time: Leave at 2:30 pm

November 3: Football @ Apache                           Time: Meet at 5:00 pm

November 4: ECOBDA Auditions                         Time: Leave 6:45am

November 10: Playoff Football                                Time: TBA

November 15: SCOBDA Auditions                        Time: Leave 10:00am

December 19: Christmas Concert                          Time: 7:00 pm


**= Probably Homecoming

*= Senior Night







Band Guidelines and Policies


I. Mission Statement


The school band, more so than any other school organization, has many functions. It is a performance organization - including concerts & half-time shows at football games.  It is a competitive organization at marching and concert contests. It is a public relations organization - including performances at civic and community events and school assemblies. It is a support organization - providing a supportive atmosphere at pep assemblies and football games.  Above all, though, it is an educational experience that can provide the band members with a great deal of pride in accomplishment and instill in them a sense of appreciation for the arts for the remainder of their lives. Music is one of the few skills learned in a school-sponsored activity, which a student is able to physically enjoy for the remainder of his/her life. It is, therefore, the mission of the Elmore City- Pernell Music Program to instill the virtues of hard work, integrity and good character in each student by teaching them to be life-long lovers of music and music making.


II.  Philosophy


Winning contests, earning ratings, and being the best small band in the state are admirable goals, but they are not the main things. Winning lasts a while and trophies become broken and lost. What never fades is the memory each of us holds after the work is done. Enjoy the journey and the results will be exactly what we want in the end. One good memory is worth a million Superior Ratings.


III.   Attendance, Events, and Rehearsals


Band is no different than other school activities. If an athlete misses practice, they do not play the next game. In order for the band to be successful, it takes the efforts of every single student every single day. Above in this handbook is the first semester schedule, as well as it is known at the time of printing. The Spring schedule will be available in December. Below are the guidelines for attendance:


a. Performances are not optional. This includes games, contests, concerts and festivals. Such absences will be graded with a “0”; these performances are worth 500 points.


b. Rehearsal will begin at 8:00 am sharp. Students are expected to be ready to rehearse at 8:00 am, not walking through the door or on the field.


c. Tuesday night rehearsals will consist of sectionals from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm and full band rehearsal from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. These are required rehearsals and will continue until Fall Break.


d. OSSAA and ECP rules dictate that students who are academically ineligible are unable to perform with the band at OSSAA and other school functions. Students that are academically ineligible will not travel with the band to games and contests. Students who remain academically ineligible for three weeks in a row will be taken out of the formation until after regional marching contest.


e. Rehearsals are not practice sessions. Parts must be learned before coming to rehearsal. A student that chooses to excessively talk or disrupt rehearsal will be asked to leave rehearsal immediately.


f. The ECP Band Boosters make many things possible for the school band. However, they need help. The students’ responsibility will be to assist the boosters in EVERY fundraiser. ALL BOOSTER EVENTS ARE MANDATORY, unless otherwise noted. We will develop work schedules, times, and work done. The time worked will earn students money in their personal band accounts to be used on supplies, trips, or band clothing.



IV. Grading Policy

Students’ grades will reflect their contributions to the band in the following way:


a. Daily Grades: Students will receive a daily grade worth 10 points. If a student is late to a rehearsal, they will lose 2 points. If a student is missing their instrument, music or pencil, they will lose 5 points. Failure to show up on time and prepared will result in a 0.


b. Performance Grades: Students will receive 500 points for every performance. An unexcused absence will earn a 0 for this performance. An excused absence will be discussed on a circumstantial basis.



V.  Cell Phones and Social Media

Student cell phones should be put away during marching rehearsals, games and contest warm-up times. The band’s cell phone policy aligns very well with the school board’s policy. There will be no phones during school hours or at rehearsals. With the advent of social media, a whole new issue has been created; cyber-bullying. The band’s policy on this is simple: bullying of any kind is unacceptable. It will be researched and dealt with harshly.


VI.  Band Uniform Guidelines

We have very nice uniforms and we will take care of them.


a. Every uniform will be checked out to a student for the year. Each article number of the uniform will be stored and the student will be held accountable for missing or ruined articles.


b.  Each student will need two pairs of white gloves, a pair of white marching shoes and the band shirt for all games and contests. The director will make these supplies available at the beginning of the school year.


c. Our hot weather attire will consist of the Team Shirt, Team Shorts and tennis shoes. This uniform will be used at the Badger Band Preview and Ice Cream Social and (at least) the first game of the football season.


d. The band’s concert attire will be concert black: black shirts, black pants, and black dresses. Shoes will be black dress shoes or black flats. NO HEELS. We don’t need anyone falling on stage. School dress code applies for all articles of clothing. If you have specific questions, see the director. A good guideline is, if you have to ask it’s probably not a good idea. Use good judgment.


VII.  Instrument and Maintenance Accessories


Each Band member will be responsible for keeping an appropriate supply of accessories for his/her instrument. If a student needs to purchase items, the director will keep a small supply. This supply is offered at cost to students and all monies received go to purchase more supplies.


All Reeds: $3

Cleaning Kits: $10

Special Items: See director

Recommended items for each family:

Woodwinds: Cleaning cloth and rod (Flutes only), a tiny screwdriver, a tiny crotchet needle, reeds (clarinets and saxes), swabs (clarinets and saxes)

Brass: Valve Oil (Trumpets/Baritones), slide oil (Trombones), rotor oil (French Horns/Tubas), cleaning cloths, slide grease

Percussion: sticks, mallets (See director for specifics)



VIII.  Band Council and Leadership



The Band Council consists of a one student from each participating grade (8-12). Each grade will vote for a student to represent them in the Council. 


12th- President: Develops ideas for team activities for the band and comes to director with ideas for the band; leads the Council.

11th- Secretary: Takes notes at meetings, takes attendance in the mornings for director, and assists the President with tasks in Band Leadership.

10th- Spokesperson: Brings ideas to the President from the Representatives, takes attendance if the Secretary is gone.

8th- 9th – Representatives: Listens to the band members and suggests ideas to the Spokesperson.



Band Leadership works with the director to take care of the day-to-day activities of the band.


Drum Major: Leads the band on the field, conducts on field, assists director during rehearsals


Woodwind Captain: Rehearses the woodwinds in sectionals, marks which students have passed off pieces of music.


Brass Captain: Rehearses the brass in sectionals, marks which students have passed off pieces of music.


Drum Captain: Works with the drum tech to rehearse drumline in sectionals, marks which students have passed off pieces of music.


Color Guard Captain: Works with guard instructor to rehearse the guard routine for the marching show and regional guard contest.


Block Leaders: Block Leaders are students chosen by the director and Captains to help with leading students in the band. Anyone who has been in band for two years can be a Block Leader.



Policy Change

Students in Band Council and Band Leadership positions will vote on policy to be implemented. After a policy is yes-voted by a majority (51% or more), the policy will be taken to the Director for final approval. If the suggested policy does not infringe on school policy, band policy and is a good, long-term change the director will implement it into the handbook, effective immediately. The director holds the right to veto a policy if it is not in the best, long term interest of the band.




Leadership Guidelines

a. All Captain and Drum Major candidates can apply in (not going into) 10th grade. Captains must have been in the Badger Band for at least two years. Drum Majors must have been in the Badger Band for three years.


b. All candidates will apply and interview for leadership positions with the director and two other ECP Faculty Members or Band Boosters. All drum major candidates will audition by conducting the band in the Star-Spangled Banner and Oklahoma.


c. All Council and Leadership MUST audition for both ECOBDA and SCOBDA Honor Bands, as well as perform in district solo/ensemble contest.


d. If a current drum major or section leader has not graduated, they have the option to keep their position. If they choose not to keep it, the position will be opened up to the band.


IX.  Chair/Seating Placement


a.  Students will be placed in chair order according to grade during summer band camp.


b. Anyone who would like to challenge into a higher chair will issue a challenge to the person in that chair. A challenge can only be issued to the next chair up. (Fourth chair can only challenge third chair; not second or first).


c. The winner of the challenge will keep their chair for at least a week before they can be challenged.


d. The director will assign music for the challenge. This music can be taken from an etude book or from the show/concert music.


e. Both challengers will have one week to prepare the music before the challenge is held.


f.  On the day of the challenge, the President of the Band Council will take both students into the Instrument Storage Room and flip a coin. Both challenges will be recorded on the director’s IPad and the President will open each recording with the phrases “This is challenger 1” and “This is challenger 2”. No names will be recorded. The challengers should not speak.


g.  During the director's prep period, they will listen to the recording and determine the winner based entirely on the musical performance.


h.  The winning number will be announced or posted the following school day.


i. The director reserves the right to refuse challenges when it will interfere with band activities.






X.  Lockers, New Band Room and Instrument Care


a. Members will be allowed a locker space to store their instrument and music. These lockers are not trashcans or refrigerators. They are for instruments and music.


b. Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, the band will have a new practice facility. This room will remain clean, as area school administrators will be invited to come view the band room and could be there at any time. This band room also functions as the middle school safe room. Procedures will be presented during camp regarding emergency situations.


c. Instruments are to be maintained at home or during practice time. Rehearsals are not the time for instrument maintenance. Every minute is precious.


d. Concerning school instruments; any damage or negligent use by the student will be paid for by the student. If something just breaks, the band will pay for repairs.


XI.  Auxiliary


The Color Guard Instructor is Jasmin Tadlock. The instructor and captain will be responsible for designing and teaching routines and working with the director to integrate the guard into the marching show. They will also prepare a routine for regional color guard contest. These color guard members can be instrumentalists or not.


XII.  Honor Bands

There are several honor bands the band members may audition for. They include:  South Central Oklahoma Band Directors' Association Honor Band (SCOBDA),  East Central Oklahoma Band Directors' Association Honor Band (ECOBDA)- This doubles as the All-District Honor Band and is a prerequisite to OMEA All-State auditions,  Oklahoma Small School Band Directors' Association (OSSBDA) - known as Small Schools' All-State,  Oklahoma Music Educators' Association Honor Band (OMEA) – known as All-State.


SCOBDA - 7th through 12th grade.

ECOBDA - 6th through 12th grade.

OSSBDA - 10th through 12th grade.

OMEA - 10th through 12th grade.


All leadership and council members must audition for at least district level ensembles.



XIII.  Solos & Ensembles

All students have the opportunity to play in district solo ensemble contests in March. These are OSSAA sanctioned events and have a state level for eligible high school students. For grades 6-8, students can participate in solos or ensembles. For grades 9-12, students can participate in solos and ensembles and, if they earn a Superior Rating at the district level, can participate in State Solo and Ensemble. Here are some guidelines:


a. Solos must be accompanied by a piano player or a recording. All solos must be memorized.

b. Ensembles must remain in instrument families. Woodwinds with woodwinds, brass with brass, percussion with percussion.




XIV.  Band Banquet

The Band Banquet will be discussed by the Band Council and presented to the Band Boosters in early 2018.



XV.  Band Awards

Band Awards are given at the Band Banquet in the spring and are reflections of a year of hard work. It is not a competition; it is a reflection of character, work ethic, and musicianship.


Outstanding Awards (Chosen by director)

The John Philip Sousa Award: Given to the Outstanding Senior Member of the Band

Outstanding Junior

Outstanding Sophomore

Outstanding Freshman

Outstanding Eight Grade/Rookie of the Year


Honors Earned by the Band

Recognition of Scholarships Earned by Seniors

Recognition of Honor Band Chairs Earned

Recognition of Soloist and Ensemble Ratings

Recognition of Academic Achievement Award (If earned)

Recognition of Marching, Concert and Jazz Band Awards (if earned)


Fun/Gag Awards

To be decided by band seniors. They must be approved by the band director and be indicative of a good spirit… And they need to be funny. That’s important.


XVI. Bus Rules

As the band, we regularly ride buses; especially during football season. In order to continue to use the buses, we must treat them with care. In addition to the bus rider rules from the school handbook, these rules apply to every trip the band takes in a bus.


a. No uses of profanity, tobacco, alcohol or illicit drugs. Students caught here will be subject to harsh penalties that could include being cut from the program completely and/or expulsion from school.


b. Bus seats are not for knees. Sit in the chairs correctly.


c. The buses will be cleared of all trash and checked before students are dismissed to go home after events; no matter how late it is.


d. No loud music or game noise. Use headphones. Don’t be that guy.


e. Be respectful of parents and adults on the bus. Some people like to sleep on the way home. Let them.


f. No PDA. At dark, the bus will be separated by gender. Boys in front; girls in back.


XVII. Royalty

At the Band Banquet, the band will elect a new queen to serve the next year. A new queen will be elected each year at the banquet to serve the following year. The candidates will be one Freshman, one Sophomore and one Junior.  Candidates will choose their escorts.


XVIII. Drum Line

The Drumline is an auditioned section in the marching band. It is important that the drumline is disciplined because they are the heartbeat and engine that drives the band.








All rules in the Elmore City-Pernell School Handbook affect the band.

If an issue needs to be addressed and entered into the Band Handbook, the process detailed in Section VIII will be used.






Keep this section. Return the next pages to the director.







Student Contract


I have read the handbook and have been made aware of the policies of the Elmore City-Pernell Badger Band. I have received a copy of the schedule for the year, as far as it is known, and will make every event and rehearsal listed. I acknowledge that sectionals are from 5:00-6:30 on Tuesday afternoons, evening rehearsals are Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 pm and morning rehearsals start at 8:00 am. I am aware that these events are required and my presence at them affects all of my teammates.




Student Signature: ___________________________________________________





Printed Student Name:_________________________________________________





Witness (Parent/Guardian) Signature: ___________________________________





Date: ______________________________



















Medical Release


This information is private and will only be seen by Mr. McCleskey. This information will be kept locked away and taken with the director on band trips in case of emergencies. Please contact Mr. McCleskey is any of this information changes.



Student Name: ___________________________________________ Grade: _______



Emergency Contact Person: _____________________________________________



Phone Number: ________________________________________________________



Another Phone Number: ________________________________________________



In the event that my child needs medical attention and I cannot be reached, I give my permission for the adult(s) in charge to seek proper medical assistance.


Circle one: YES                              NO


If NO, what instructions would you like followed?




List any medications your child may require:




List any allergies or medical problems we need to be aware of:




Physicians Name: ____________________________ Phone: ___________________


Health Insurance Company: ___________________ Policy #: __________________



Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________________


Date: ________________________



Travel Release


“I give permission for my child to travel to any and all events with the Elmore City-Pernell Band during the school year 2017-2018. In the event I am unavailable, the adults in charge of the band (directors, staff, and boosters) have my permission to authorize medical treatment for my student. Any medical concerns and/or medications are listed on the opposite side.”






Printed Name: _________________________________________________________







Parent/Guardian Signature: _______________________________________________








Date Signed: _________________________________














Summer Band Contact Sheet


Do you plan on being in band for the 2017-2018 school year?: Y  N   (Circle one)

If no, please explain why.





If no, write your name and send back to me.

If yes, please fill out and return to me by May 11.


Student Name:_________________________________________________________


Student Phone:________________________________________________________


Parent(s) Name:________________________________________________________


Parent(s) Phone:_______________________________________________________


Parent(s) E-Mail:_______________________________________________________


The purpose of this sheet is to have a way to get information out over the summer break. No one will see this except for me. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at